My free flow

I simply am when i think of you.
I wonder if those will give up the
anger of repeat. You must you had
to learn what it was like to loose it all?
But now as you feel me within?
What do you see?
What do you feel?
Where do you soar?
Do you just float out?
I encompass all.
How can you explain
yourself away?
You reside on a far way
level where i cannot fathom
what it is to explain what it
is i feel, You are within me
so loving forgiving. But you know
you had to do it. Something didn’t
want you to find yourself, because in
you all humanity would be free.
I felt your fear, you who know not
to hate. close your eyes
and feel the heart beat of peace.
Where all is cherished, your purpose
and for all is to integrate this love
in the Universe, As you remind them
there never alone, neither are we ever
apart, You are heaven sent, perfecting
intentions that wash away your past
mistakes, I know you feel the anger
from a few, but trust they will let go.
Send them to me, and place the light
around those who hold on to whats
hard to let go..
Never fear the connection,
We know you hold him
as your guiding force, Its ok
We know He is there, healing
All. A Spirit denied its presence
for all to be set free, But now
you know,, He was always your
way home. Amen

I am a shadow chasing after my beloveds
perfection. I look to you for guidance.
I am silent so i will adhere to the next hint
to float on this vortex, of just being.
As if i am still in the womb of
everlasting peace. Where nothing exists
feels damaged. But forgiven to be reminded
it was all for the experience. Being alone
remembering this heavely love, no one dares
hurt another, but so happy to prick your memory
that all is beautiful in its light, that sometimes
tears are of happiness, I so understand as
you sit there evisioning me listening to 528
i see you travel within, trying to find me.
But i am within, that is where you will find me.

Christ Conciousness brought this new energy to mankind
to share with all. So we all could independantly be led witinin.
Man not knowing what he was about, silenced him.
All he brought was a way for us to live in harmony,
WE are eternally led for Source that moves this body
and Universe its here for all to share. We cannot
singularly give a body or being “the so called credit”
its something that is always present something we
have to earn our way to tap into it. Amen OMMMM

Even though i may be fickle
i know to surrender this day to God.
I trust his will today… i will completely surrender my ego…
I love you God, I know you got this.
I am grateful but stubborn plz forgive me…
Thank you for this awesome world and life here.
Becuase regardless of all the additives of life.
The feeding of the senses, I forgot to be thankful
for my friends, family around the world.
They have become my treasures, and now
i find myself dreaming what it would be like
to look in there eyes, at a cafe, or by the river
and remind then how special they are…
So here is to all my family and friends. and teachers
and Angels, God and all levels of being.
These words are for you in gratitifude.
All i know whats left is the gratitude and heart felt
yearning for you .
For i even love me as i am…and now we are.
From Hurricane now to a wave of emotional change and love
in our most memorable AScension Ride,,,,

Does Christ need to be saved this time around?
But yet you do not see or hear ?
That all it needed was to be raised to a higher standard?
So God beloved spirit can mirror the best back out
to the Universe?
She even moved a half a mile down the road,
just so she will learn to hear her own.
But where were you? She did do the change
She changed.. But heard all the cries,,,
Do you think they were her cries??
No they were the worlds cries
telling her, but then when she heard the rhyme
she shared them with all, only for it to be thrown
back at her that it is was judgeing..
You have to expect the heart to reason
with words of the past, and there was the story.
But then Mother Sekmet was there, She was there
for me,, i felt a mothers firm grip, she said child
fear not you have done nothing wrong.
YOu are a soverign being…
Humans are taught to forgive and forget True,
But the Masters, beyond this sphere it is said
they never forgive or forget….Why are my rhymes
any different from another?
why was she not to make sense of whats in her head?
Because they didn’t want her to find her own peace.
Would the game be over if she didn’t remember who
she was? She did and does remember
she was a God…and not to be reckoned with.
For when she remembered that Love resided within.
She would clean away retchedness and Peace
would reign forever more. Amen


I am going to dedicate this thread to all the people who are hurting, alone afraid, and spiritually awakening and going through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil, full of horror stories of the conspiracy stuff out there. Yes it looks bleak but for those people who are hurting ? Bless you brothers and sisters. KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Never will you BE either. 

No body on earth will be able to give you your comfort but GOD AND GOD ALONE, I was raised a catholic but was sheltered from any negative upbringing in the church… I feel the establishment was started out probably with a good intention but after man in his own little box capitalized on it, and ruined it, so we n eed to leave the sins where they belong. GOD is the ultimate JUDGE NOT YOU or I…

How you and I treat eachother is our ulitmate lesson… through the thick of all dogmas and respect of eachother. I have been struggling to find my own voice. Regardless of my own limitations, I am going to meet it head on and just share what God has given me in my own realationship with Source. 

We all see differently… BUt WE all are responsible for an independant connection and relationship with Source.

I have read many things, it doesn’t matter what you read, but what matters is your connection to Mother FAther God, The Conciousness that moves and breathes as creativity or Spirit within you.

Nobody can fake you right?

Finding your own independent creative self spark is an indicator of the Light within you.

The ulitmate lesson in life is that when God puts us all in a situation from all different backgrounds the biggest lesson is how in the world are we going to treat eachther? We are going to have to find a common ground, not push and indoctrinate everyone, we have to consider we are a world of many personalities, what we have to exercise is respect for eachothers
Faith, and respect that persons personal relationship with there Source.

Now what I will do is tell you I DON”T back ANY religion that thinks its people are better than ANYBODY else.

God is testing all of us. To me Source/God is about the way One presents themselves to the major society of all places things and so on.

For instance I had to find my own voice, I had my own vocabulary in my mind to work with, I kept hearing , use what you got, or you loose it. I was worry about what people would think of me, and until I worked with that I was not ready to work for God, and I am going to refer to my Source as God to respect all people understanding of their Higher Power within.

This is it folks, God is not playing anymore. time is done. Its shape up or be shipped out on differnt planets. and this rapture thing??? don’t be surprisesd if the rapture is about people who HAVE NOT GROWN… Planet EArth IS ASCENDING and people who are not growing are not staying.

God places us where we need to be, or certain teachers where they are needed the most. For instance, a style goes to where God see’s me where or whom I may reach or understand my sort of personality, is what I am getting.

God is in the business of installing the Laws of Heaven in the hearts and minds of man, if we adhere to the voice within we won’t need laws. 

And our life for instance America has so many laws, its a joke, man needs laws because it is self evident they are not led from within, they are driven and led by the beast of senses within, I have been in recovery from Opiate addictions for two years I think now.. close to it. Unless one is dying and on its last leg in pain, I wouldn’t recommend getting on those things, unless one’s life is almost over, and pain is more than anyone can bare.

Many of our children are sold into sinful and terrible acts of violence and sex and so on, and are forgotten because countless of parents don’t give a damm because they are so far down in service to their own demons that they put themselves and there children in prision to the senses. That is why America is declining in faith, If the shit hits the fan, many of us are going to have to help these children, elderly or what have you? Have you considered that? 

This is enough for now. I have to get ready for work… thank you for your time…

I am going to share my own findings, and I have to believe that I am to share what I know. 

In two years I have gotten off of many medicines, quit smoking , quit my addiction to opiates, meat and lost 40 lbs. but gained 10 back this winter, but just lost 3 pounds, so I am working on my last 20 or 30 lbs, and i am starving away my my attachments to desires, learning everything in moderation. I have been married 36 years and moved out a mile down the road from my husband, he filed for divorce, and we are awesome friends but we are growing apart. So He does not embrace this change in me. But this is just what I have to do for me.

But just since i have been off of meat I am so changed, that I use to be very combative person, on hormone pills, and I am finding a equal librium within me, and I think God and I are working in this endeavor. I no longer have cable but I do have the internet. If it happens, that the lights go out, its possible that we will be kicked right back into the 1800’s again? How do you feel about that?

When God said to me that he has had it with the ADDICTS I did something about it, and I hope I can reach many people who suffer from addicitons, not just one thing, there are many addictions.


So first things first, If you don’t do something positivie with the change, the negative conspiracy will bring you down. BE a VOICE for change.
I am known as Oneness4321/01-10 on GLP and Being Mindful.

And recently God has given me the new name of IAMami 432.

So I will do my best to help restore the balance to this beautiful ORB…

I love you all. I will post as I receive. That is all…
Have a blessed day.
Please people your prayers do help and God DOES answer prayers,
If you pray for another God will help you…